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In the hostel have exclusive cafeteria and restaurant our guests staying in summer unfurled a large terrace for lunch and dinner. More than 10 options menu for every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays.

We cook typical dishes of the area as wheals with sausage, trout, chops and steaks, grilled meats, etc. But we have also developed dishes high level of cuisines from other places, we make pies of all kinds, mushrooms (this year have given us great the cibarius Cantarellus) pepper, trout cream of shrimp, and very sophisticated desserts like Mouse chocolate cream custard and cream puff cake with cream and custard, tiramisu whims, sanabresa burnt cream, sanabresa Quesada, lemon pie, cheesecake, with six different cheeses, etc.

Sanabresa Quesada is the star lately, but please do not ask the recipe, eat it and do not ask. This year our cook is being exceeded, the flan has done lately with Baba not know what …. is second to none. We serve groups with menus for all tastes and budgets from 10 euros per person. And of course typical menus based on local produce, with wheals Sanabria with chorizo, prawns trout in cream, chops grilled beef, lamb, etc. There is something for everyone.

Indeed, the variety of salads is very spacious and all with lettuce grown in our orchards and roasted peppers Trefacio Valley Vidriales.

At night the terrace is closed by the sides and becomes a beautiful and romantic sheltered corner fresco sanabresa night. Even in the hottest days of summer evening we enjoyed a soft freshness that helps us relax.

In our restaurant and terrace you. You can become an expert wine taster from our cellar, naturally Castilian wines of the appellation of origin Tierras de León (Ribera D'Ornia) and the new zamorana AME Tierra del Vino, Villamor of squires and also the name of Toro wine, wine with the taste of homemade wine and field. We are especially Dumps that our customers know the wines of Zamora and León. We know that other regions of Spain are famous wines, possibly more famous than the zamoranos, but takes the opportunity to know wines in the near future will not be available to all budgets. Toro wines are different from all the others because they are made with a grape called Tinta de Toro, and only with that. I recommend at this time D'Ornia selecionada vintage Ribera and Tierra del Vino gabion.

Of course if you want a wine from another area, Rioja, Ribeiro, etc. We also have them. Lately we have incorporated wines coming booming areas, Bierzo, Cacabelos, etc … My respect for them but bull ink only our wines.